Discover Honeywell Silent Knight innovations that will empower you to take on larger and more complex projects.

Explore our complete offering of advanced fire safety solutions that can help you grow your business.

Flexibility to grow

  • Tackle larger projects than ever before with addressable panels that offer up to 1,110 points.
  • Confidently approach hard-to-wire or aesthetically critical jobs with SWIFT® wireless capabilities.
  • Fulfill requirements for both fire and MNS through integrated voice-alarm capabilities.
  • Bid competitively with consolidated product offerings via multi-criteria detection.

Training and support

Our training and support services help dealers grow their businesses through building expertise in installation and programming via webinars, hands-on training and other resources.

Loyalty and longevity

For more than 50 years, Silent Knight has been a proven fire-safety brand and continues to remain in high demand with customers. Plus, with the backing of Honeywell, you can count on our solutions with confidence.

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